5 Facts About Hef’s New Girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund

Hugh Hefner might have been left at the aisle by former fiancee Crystal Harris, but he’s not one to be alone for long: Hef has reportedly already moved on to Anna Sophia Berglund, Playboy’s Miss January 2011. So who is the future Girl Next Door, and what do you need to know about her?

She’s a California girl.

Anna was born in San Pedro, California. Her mom is a dual Swedish-American citizen.

She’s no dumb blonde.

Anna studied psychology and theater at UCLA. That’ll come in handy for all those creative faces she’ll make during Playboy shoots. She has done some acting, most notably playing a manicurist on an episode of Hannah Montana.

She’s loyal to Playboy.

Anna Sophia has appeared in several episodes of The Girls Next Door and Holly’s World, so it’s clear she is part of the regular crew of Playmates who hang out at the mansion. She’s also close friends with many current and former Playboy models, including Crystal. Over the last few months, there have been several photos of Hef with Crystal and Anna Sophia, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Anna Sophia was being “groomed” for her new role as Head Girlfriend. In the interview accompanying her Playmate of the Month interview, she said her favorite thing about being Miss January was “being part of the Playboy legacy.”

She’s an older woman.

Anna Sophia is exactly 24 days older than Crystal. In Playboy time, that’s like 10 years. So I guess we should give Hef points for choosing a slightly more age-appropriate girlfriend?

She’s diplomatic.

Anna Sophia has been chatting with Crystal on Twitter today and making plans to hang out, which certainly indicates there aren’t hard feelings between the two. Or it could lend credence to that theory that Hef/Crystal was just a publicity stunt. Your call.

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