An Open Letter to Everyone at Rock Concerts Who Is Doing Devil Horns Wrong

Dear everyone at that concert I attended last weekend,

I understand that it was a rock concert and that you were, in fact, trying to rock. However, there is a slight difference between “Woo, rock and ROLL!” and “I love you in sign language.”

Fig. 1: “I love you” in American Sign Language



Fig. 2: Devil horns



Basically: pinky and pointer equals rock star. Add a thumb and you’re making love. I mean, if Avril Lavigne can get it right then you can too. Also, don’t be fooled by thinking that a rock star is making devil horns the correct way, as you’ll see below:

Fig. 3: Dave Mustaine

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    • Corissia

      Maybe Dave Mustaine was trying to send some love to the universe intentionally.

    • Jaime Bermúdez

      but Mustaine’ horns were faing the right way, so it doesnt matter