10 Questions I Want Answered in Greg Sestero’s Book About ‘The Room’

Dubbed by many “the best bad movie ever,” The Room is a cult classic that draws fans to midnight screenings around the country. Its star, writer, and director Tommy Wiseau, is an enigmatic and perplexing figure who he rarely gives interviews. However, there’s hope for all of you Roomphiles who want to know more about the making of the movie – actor Greg Sestero, who played Mark, is writing a tell-all book entitled Locked Inside the Room. The book will be published by Simon and Schuster in early 2013. Since I don’t know where Greg is in his writing process, I have a couple of questions I hope he’ll be able to answer in this soon-to-be classic:

  • Is Tommy Wiseau a genius, insane, or both?
  • Some of those sex scenes seemed a little too realistic – was anybody Method acting?
  • How come Chris R gets a sorta last name but nobody else does?
  • What IS that thing in Lisa’s neck?
  • How many people quit rather than deal with Tommy Wiseau’s crazitude?
  • Who orders cheesecake and a bottle of water at a coffee shop?
  • What happened to Peter?
  • Did Claudette pull through?
  • If you see a football, do you start twitching?
  • Do you ever wear a disguise and go to screenings of The Room?
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