Gallery: Not Now, Skeletor!

If you were a child of the ’80s, odds are you watched either Masters of the Universe or She-Ra: Princess of Power (or, if you’re me, you watched both). Skeletor should be a familiar figure; He-Man’s primary nemesis, this purple-clad bad guy was hell bent on conquering first Castle Grayskull, then the world. It’s a long way to Castle Grayskull, though, so naturally, Skeletor made a couple of stops along the way. What stops, you ask? Why, to visit his buddies in other cartoons, of course! The ingenious Tumblr Not Now, Skeletor! takes a look at the lighter side of everyone’s favorite walking skull by inserting him into frames from other such cartoon classics as Care Bears and Winnie the Pooh. Here are our ten favorites; for more, head on over to Not Now, Skeletor!

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