Crushable Books: ‘Hipster Puppies’ and Other Hipster Animals That Are Cooler Than You

It began as a joke; then it became a phenomenon; and now, it’s a book! Welcome to the world of Christopher R. Weingarten’s Hipster Puppies. A rock critic based in Brooklyn (universally acknowledged as the hipster capital of the world), Weingarten grew tired of the scads and scads of hipster-related Tumblrs plaguing the internet– so one day, he decided to fight back. The resulting Tumblr featured a series of dogs, often of the tiny variety, decked out in very large eyeglasses and expounding upon the merits of listening to music no one else does– and, as you can imagine, it is both adorable and hilarious. Even better, a book has been compiled of the best of the best images from the Tumblr! Due out on July 5, Hipster Puppies is a must read for hipsters, anti-hipsters, and puppy enthusiasts everywhere. Can’t get enough of these canine hipsters? Neither can we! Consequently, we started wondering what other animals might benefit from the hipster treatment. Here are our top 15 picks for Next Hipster Animal Phenomenon:

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