‘The Hunger Games’ Might Be Filming Arena Scenes in Chatham County, North Carolina

North Carolina’s Department of Transportation sent out an announcement warning residents that a state highway would be closed from Thursday, June 16 to Saturday night, June 19, “as a local film crew shoots a movie.” We’re betting that it’s more Hunger Games shooting, especially because the closed-off area is near Jordan Lake. Coincidentally, a lot of the action in the Hunger Games Arena takes place around a big lake.

The announcement says that N.C. 751, a state highway, will be closed just north of U.S. 64, and that shooting will take place on Horton Pond Road (where the marker is). The water you see is Jordan Lake.

Although the Arena includes a heavily forested area and a huge plain where the Cornucopia sits, a lot of significant action takes place near the lake. For one, it’s where (spoiler!) Katniss finds the camouflaged Peeta, half-dead from tracker jacker stings. Earlier in the book, it’s Katniss’ literal oasis as she’s falling down from dehydration and waiting for Haymitch to send her some water.

Or, this being a blockbuster movie, Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins could decide to ratchet up the action and have a big confrontation by the water. Then again, a body of water plays prominently in Catching Fire… (That’s all I’ll say!)

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    • Lilit Marcus

      Another point in Jordan Lake’s favor: it’s a state park, so there aren’t any homes near it. That would make it look more like the lake that’s in the arena.