LOLJerseyShore: Captioning The Gang’s Last Night Out in Florence

The Jersey Shore gang came, they saw, and they probably didn’t conquer. They’re filming their final scenes in Florence, and we have helpfully provided some loltastic explanations of what they were doing.

But wait! There are more…

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    • Stephanie

      Hahaha this is great! My roommate actually was studying abroad in Florence when they were there and she said they were told by the school to not interact with them, take pictures of them or try to find them. Italy was disgusted that they were there! (She did see Snooks with her neck brace though)

    • Missskitttin

      Now riddle me this, because I don’t understand. Here the Jersey Shore Guidos and Guidettes consider themselves different becaause they are Italian and in Italy they don’t want to even interact with them because they are disgusting and weird. That throws out the whole concept behind the show.