Interview: Freddie Highmore on High School and First Love in ‘The Art of Getting By’

Yeah, I spoke with [writer-director] Gavin [Wiesen] about how the kids are mini-adults who have to take care of their parents. Do you feel like there’s a correlation to being a young Hollywood actor and having to grow up faster?

Highmore: I think it’s quite an adult envrionment, being on a film set, because you always have to be professional. I had a great time, but it wasn’t going off and playing the whole time. You realize that there’s a certain amount of professionalism that everyone has to bring to it. I think also perhaps what I said about being passive and changing to being a sort of active person—that’s partly down to becoming independent and making decisions for yourself instead of having them done for you. I think that’s key. You get to a point in your life where you think, This is the person I want to be, so I have to do something about it. The date isn’t just gonna happen without any sort of work towards that. I’m not gonna be an artist, or whatever I want to be, without making some sort of effort and devoting myself to that.

How was it working with Emma Roberts?

Highmore: Emma’s great. Obviously it would be easy working and doing more intimate moments with someone you feel comfortable with. She was great.

Did you draw on any sort of first love/high school crush to play George’s infatuation with Sally?

Highmore: I think there’s a certain amount of yourself in every character. I don’t think there was a particular previous girlfriend or anything that was [specifically] in my mind or any kind of particular relationship. I guess in trying to make it real you draw on personal experience.

What kinds of audiences do you hope to reach out to with this movie?

Highmore: I think it will appeal to a wide range of audience becuase the feelings are not only what people in their teens would be going through at the same time, but everyone will be ableto look back and remember that first love. And also speaking as a parent, I think that moment of letting their kid go, saying goodbye, reaching that point in your life—is a big moment.

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