Sweet Repeat: Taylor Momsen Forgets to Wear Clothing

We sincerely hope that Taylor Momsen doesn’t have a stylist, because such a person would really be getting away with doing only half the work: the 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer has made quite a name for herself as a person who wears only one article of clothing at a time. Bra, but not shirt, shirt but not pants.

Pants, Taylor, they’re called pants!

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    • Maiken

      I like her style..

    • breannan finlayson

      i have loved taylor momsen ever since i watched that first episode of Gossip Girl, but this is rediculous!
      young girls, like myself, look up to her, and want to be just like her, and seeing her half naked is showing teenage girls that it is alright to do that
      well taylor, i hate to break it to you, but its not!!
      when celebrities do things like this, they get alot of attention for it, which makes young people think its ok, but when us “common” people do, we get called names like ‘slut’, ‘whore’ bitch’ or ‘tease’
      celebrities are supposed to lead the way, but in this case she is leading us in the WRONG way
      please taylor, get some self-respect!