Made in Manhattan: The New York City Bucket List

Hey everyone! This is a video about me, Paige. I’m from Pennsylvania, and I go to a small-town college there (you may have seen that in my previous series, Paige Presents). This summer, I have an internship with b5media (the company that owns Crushable and its sister sites), and have moved out to New York City. Throughout the rest of the summer, I will be producing videos about making it in The Big Apple on my own. All my videos are going to be “Made in Manhattan,” so make sure you keep up with me! In this first episode, I am just beginning to compile a list of the things I want to do before my summer is over. Check it out!

Sorry! This video is no longer available.

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    • Pat

      Cool video. I love the bucket list, I have been a follower on your other videos called Paige Presents..I really like the way you are taking on New York! Very funny, I enjoyed the Wall-E reference to the cockroach! Keep them coming!

    • Dangerous Summer Fan

      I too had been following after your references to your Dangerous Summer webisode. This one is even better! I will make sure to keep checking back. You are one funny chick!! The Big Apple will never be the same

    • Jane and Joe P

      Enjoyed the bucket list, inspired me to write one. Keep them coming, never been to NY

    • gator girl

      An exterminator for a cockroach? Really? I bet by the end of summer they become like pets! Glad to see the new posting. Very entertaining. More please!

    • Hole-in-the-head Gal

      So what are you trying 1st? Food sampling . . . yum

    • clouds

      go to chinatown. people yell names of bags at you when you walk by.

    • Forks of the Ohio

      Saw this the other day, looking for more. Hoping for views of the unusual and unique. The question is, do NYC’ers really know the best answer to your bucket list question?