The ’16 and Pregnant Season 3 Unseen Moments’ Special Is Mostly About Taylor Lumas and Izabella Tovar

Can you believe next week is the season finale of 16 and Pregnant? There will be only ten total episodes this season, and then Teen Mom is back on July 5. So last night we got a double feature: Taylor Lumas‘ episode, and then a special 40-minute “Unseen Moments Special” hosted by – of course – Dr. Drew Pinsky. I tend to think that these missing clips shows are determined in part by viewer feedback or aim to answer questions people have asked about the show, and this episode definitely validates that. But mostly it shows clips of Izabella, Taylor, and the girl from next week who we haven’t even met yet.

Taylor Lumas

Several of the show message boards have wondered why more of the girls don’t breastfeed, since it saves money and they don’t have to worry about bottles and formula. So there’s a scene of Taylor’s mom Debi asking if Taylor has thought about breastfeeding. Debi says that Taylor doesn’t eat enough for breastfeeding, and Taylor calls it “gross.” That totally explains it.

Later, we see a scene with Taylor, Nathan, and Nathan’s mom Missy where Missy demands Nathan spend the night at their house even though he’s supposed to be helping Taylor take care of the baby. I had my suspicions about Missy being an enabler during the episode, and it looks like that’s the case. I mean, Nathan is a useless human being, but Missy’s assertion that “he needs to spend time with his family” is really disingenuous, since baby Aubri is his family too, and Missy says her primary responsibility is to make sure Nathan graduates from high school. Taylor later recaps the conversation with Debi, and Debi correctly points out that it’s a stupid philosophy and mentions AGAIN why adoption would have been best in this situation. We see Taylor and Nathan meeting with an adoption counselor. Debi is there, and she smacks down Nathan’s assertion that people who give their kid up for adoption are bad. Debi is awesome, and I feel so sorry for her because she got completely marginalized by her idiot daughter. Can she and Barbara Evans hang out?

In yet another Taylor-centric scene, Nathan sets up a mini-nursery at his house so that they have more options for taking care of Aubri. Taylor says that she doesn’t want the baby to be shuttled back and forth, even though they apparently live a few blocks from each other.

Jordan Ward

Although we already know that Jordan is married, we get treated to a scene of her and her sister discussing whether Brian Finder will propose. And those are the only fifteen seconds we’re getting of Jordan in this entire episode.

Izabella Tovar

Thanks to Izabella’s formspring page, we already know that she and boyfriend Jairo got engaged. Jairo takes Izabella out to a fancy restaurant and they have a really boring conversation about what technically counts as their first date. Jairo says more words in this scene than in the entire episode, so it’s nice to know that he isn’t actually mute. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Izabella, who says “yes.” I mean, “yeah.” How romantic!

Later, there’s a scene where Jairo tries to put the baby stroller together all by himself, but it doesn’t go very well. Heavily pregnant Izabella ends up doing it herself.

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      Yep….once again, the episode with Ali, should be required watching for the young, fertile, 16-year olds.