Guys Mary Kate Olsen Has Allegedly Made Out with in Ascending Order of Hotness

Not only does Mary Kate Olsen have wacky taste in clothes, she has wacky taste in makeout partners. Sorry, I mean “alleged makeout partners.” Here are the people she supposedly sucked face with in ascending order of hotness.

Lapo Elkann

Nice tan, bro.

Maxwell Snow

He’s an artist.


Stavros Niarchos

The important thing is that she got to him before Paris.


Kanye West

This is the reason I had to say “alleged.”

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    • M

      um. Max Winkler is hotter than Kanye…??

      love the list otherwise. altho I’d put Keith in the ‘hottest’ position.

      yep. I know. that’s what she said. ;)

      • Lilit Marcus

        I have a soft spot for gingers.