Deciphering the ‘Ghost’ Musical Trailer As Someone Who’s Never Seen ‘Ghost’

Obviously I know what Ghost is about: Patrick Swayze gets killed in a mugging, but his spirit continues to linger around mourning girlfriend Demi Moore, who hires a medium played by Whoopi Goldberg to try and communicate with him. But I know nothing about the characters’ lives — aside from Moore’s predilection for pottery — or how the movie ends.

London’s Piccadilly Theatre is premiering Ghost The Musical, which looks to be a bit flashier than the 1990 movie. Going only by the newly-released trailer, and without peeking at Wikipedia, here are my predictions for the plot.

Wall Street head honchos turn to stripping — in bedazzled varations on their former work uniform — after the stock market crashes. Some become prostitutes, working for a female pimp, who sends them out on jobs so she can keep up her wardrobe of hot-pink suits and white fur coats.

Across town, one woman suffers from a modern version of The Tell-Tale Heart, as she keeps hearing a pulsing heartbeat everywhere she goes, including on her nightly walks in the rain and on the radio. Her deadbeat boyfriend proclaims “I have a life!” but no one believes him because the best date he’s taken her on was breaking into an abandoned building.

His attempt to break into a subway car for their next date angers the dreadlocked leader of a subway gang and earns him a lifelong enemy. The aspiring pottery-maker gets tired of her boyfriend’s issues and decides to date a Wall Street guy, not knowing that he’s just gone bankrupt.

Did I get it right? Does the musical follow the movie at all?

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