‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Reportedly Tried to Kill Herself

Every time I think that the original cast of Teen Mom needs to move on and let someone else take their places, something like this happens – a report that Amber Portwood supposedly tried to commit suicide. Amber has had a pretty rough few years following her rise to MTV stardom, most notably when she hit then-fiance Gary Shirley on TV and she lost custody of their daughter Leah. Though Amber ultimately got probation and didn’t have to serve time, she has become more notorious than famous. Radar reports that she tried to take her own life this morning and was found in her house with a noose around her neck.

As much as I feel for Amber and know how awful depression can be, I really think she needs to take responsibility for her actions. Quitting the show, staying off of social media for awhile, and getting help is the absolute best thing she could do right now, both for herself and for Leah. (And maybe Gary could go to counseling with her, since they have a codependent relationship.) Unfortunately, Amber doesn’t have many job prospects outside of reality TV – she never finished high school or completed her GED, and her job at a tanning salon was over as soon as it started. If Amber ever really wants to turn her life around, I think she’ll have to leave MTV and its gravy train, because exposing herself and her emotions on camera clearly isn’t helping. While this incident probably won’t make it onto Teen Mom (since the entire season was already filmed), her demons make for higher ratings, and MTV doesn’t have an incentive to help her. Good luck, Amber. For Leah’s sake, we’re rooting for you.

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