Poll: What Do You Want ‘Hunger Games’ Fans to Be Called?

The official Hunger Games fandom name poll is now live! You’ve got six choices for what you think the fandom should be called, including an option simply for “Hunger Games fans.” DownWithTheCapitol put up a great pre-vote article listing the pros and cons of each choice, if you’re still not swayed in any direction. (Personally, I’m stuck between Jabberjays and Tributes.)

Voting runs until Friday, June 24, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Once DWTC has determined a winner, we the fandom will formally introduce ourselves to Lionsgate under the chosen name. So make sure to vote and tell your friends to as well! You’ll be seeing whichever nickname gets chosen a lot in the coming months and years.

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    • Twinktoes87

      JABBERJAYS!!! We are Hunger Games fans, and we JABBER all day long about the books? You guys want to be Tributes, who are the Capitol’s lap dogs, and DIE? Pff… and Mockingjays, there’s only one Mockingjay, Katniss. And mockingjays are just a result of jabberjays awesomeness