Snap This: Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Breasts, Horrifies Us

Is Taylor Momsen 18 yet? She isn’t, we know that, but can we pretend she’s an adult for the sake of feeling less weird about the fact that she flashed the crowd at a Pretty Reckless concert in England? Here’s why this image is particularly unsettling: Imagine someone like Lady Gaga or Courtney Love or even Lita Ford pulling something like this. Midway through a set, rockstar cred blazing; we bet they’re not smiling like Taylor’s smiling in this photo — a teenager slyly giddy with the “subversive act” she’s getting away with. Is she a woman confident enough in her sexuality to incorporate that as part of her act? Nope, she’s a child playing grown-up with some pretty messed up stuff, and it’s written (in eyeliner) all over her face.

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    • Terra

      Well put! I usually just describe Taylor Momsen as a trashy, petulant, teenager with too much money and too little self respect to be allowed in the spotlight. But your way sounds much more intelligent.

    • J

      i LOVE it! dude, she’s covered! she has tape over them, & she’s just tryin’ to have some fun. give her a break!

    • Anon

      We over sexualize our children and our world culture. A child playing grown up? Really? She’s 17. In a couple of months from this event, she’d be 18 and nobody would be complaining they way they are now. She’s not a 12 year old girl who hardly has an identity. Saying she is a child playing adult is demeaning her own intelligence; you are practically saying she is not capable of being a competent human being. Can you read her mind? You do not know how comfortable she is with her sexuality; she could be very comfortable and have no problem with her body or what it is judged to be. Will she magically be an ADULT when she’s one year older? She has a reason for what she does, as do all of us. As far as I can tell, “Adults” are no better or worse than her. Many adults do horrible things, as do people younger in age than what we define as “adult.” There are far worse things happening than a near-18-year-old girl flashing her boobs. Maybe we should take a look at how we portray woman and men, and remove the shame we place on our bodies along with the super-sexualized nature we impose upon ourselves. Challenge yourself and think. Why do we sexualize our bodies? Her act would hardly be a statement if we placed no sexual value on breasts. I do not agree with teaching young children that breasts are sexual material. I do not agree with discrimination against the female body.
      She has tape on them anyway. It’s not pure nudity. It’s called artistic speach. In this case, it may even be political speech. Many may argue that she is a role model because of her age; consider my previous statements and tell me if it’s her that is wronging the world or the world that is wronging the natural image of her body.
      This comment is probably really repetitive and disorganized. This is a poorly written rant. The topics are serious and so are the meaning of the words.

    • john

      Taylor’s outie belly button is HOT!! *pokes*