8 New Summer TV Shows to Watch Out For

7) ThunderCats
True, it’s a little weird that Cheetara has gotten such a busty makeover, but I’m a child of the ’80s. Of COURSE I’m thrilled that ThunderCats is back on the air. And no, you’re never too old for cartoons. ThunderCats will premiere sometime in July on the Cartoon Network (exact date TBA).

8) The Nine Lives of Chloe King
I don’t usually have a whole lot of patience for ABC Family shows, but Chloe King looks like it could be kind of neat. When the titular teenager discovers that she has some unusual abilities, including superhuman hearing, enhanced speed and agility, and claws with which she can scale walls, her world is thrown into orbit; things only get more complicated when she realizes there’s a strange figure shadowing her. Part Buffy, part Alex Mack, and part Kyle XY, maybe there will be more to this one than meets the eye. The Nine Lives of Chloe King debuts on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 14 at 9pm.

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