‘The Human Centipede II’ Shoots Itself in the Foot By Becoming Too Meta

How to top 2010′s taunt on the gag reflex, The Human Centipede (First Sequence)? A mad scientist kidnaps three tourists and stitches them together to form one creature that shares the same digestive tract. In the sequel, a perverted doctor (Laurence Harvey) who got off on the first movie — yeah, it’s way meta — decides to recreate the experiment, but with twelve people and a much more sinister plan for the creature. Britain immediately banned the movie, later clarifying that the film board would pass grotesque torture done in the name of science, but not the same done for sexual thrill.

Really, the problem boils down to one thing: Dr. Heiter (the terrifying Dieter Laser) isn’t in this movie. The BBFC added that its decision was based on the issue of protagonist: In First Sequence, the audience sympathizes with the three victims who try and work together to escape. But Full Sequence presents the centipede parts as simply victims to be brutalized, and is actually shot in such a way that the audience is forced to see things from the pervert’s perspective.

We wouldn’t have this problem if they hadn’t killed off Heiter in the first movie. This guy was pure science, which was what made him such a compelling villain: He believed that his experiment would enlighten medical science. Although he was in some ways seeking to create a companion to replace “mein lieber 3-hund” (my beloved 3-dog), he treated his test subjects as animals with no right to speak or fight back.

But that’s what made the movie so funny! In the scene where the police come in and question him about the girls’ abandoned car on the road, Heiter tries to drug them the same way he did the girls, by dissolving some tranquilizers in water. When the cop keeps putting the cup aside because he gets distracted with questioning, Heiter picks it up and literally shakes it in his face, yelling “Drink your water!” the way you would to a stubborn dog.

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      film disgusting !!!!!!!!!!! …. be banned and imprisoned those who make such movies !!!!!!!