The 10 Weirdest Faces The Situation Makes In His Workout Video

The Situation has a workout video! It’s on Netflix livestreaming! And it looks like it was filmed in a sex dungeon, or maybe that place where Lisa, Kelly, and Jessie filmed their music video in that “I’m so excited, I’m so scared” episode of Saved By the Bell.

Although everyone from Jersey Shore except Vinny is trying to become a brand, Sitch has probably been the most successful so far. He was on Dancing with the Stars and is selling his own line of vodka. Next up? This workout video. While Sitch used to be the assistant manager at a gym and had good abs before he started looking like Beavis, he can’t read exercise instructions off of a cue card very well. But what he does well is make weird faces while working out. Here are some of his best faces, and what he’s probably thinking while making them.

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    • Andrew

      Which of those faces is he making while injecting himself with steroids? Serious, we’re suppose to believe he can wake up at 2pm and have enough time to spend on the “G” in “GTL”?