A Deleted Scene from ‘The Bachelorette’ Makes Ashley Hebert Almost Funny

ABC has posted a deleted scene from this week’s episode of The Bachelorette online. The scene shows Ashley Hebert getting a chance to roast the Bachelors – my favorite burn is one she gets in on Bentley, saying that his name should actually be ” ’76 Dodge Dart.” While it’s likely that Jeff Ross or another comic helped Ashley write the jokes, her delivery’s not bad. So why didn’t this minute-long scene make it into Monday’s two hour-long episode? Probably because it didn’t fit into the episode’s “Ashley Is a Saddy McSadderson” storyline.

I get that The Bachelorette was trying to use the Bentley betrayal thing to make the show a little more interesting, but I don’t enjoy watching a woman get treated like shit on TV just so producers have footage to use in the promos. Getting to see this scene would have made me like the episode more, because it would have showed Ashley’s feisty side and not made her such a fucking victim. But ABC seems to really want Ashley as a sad, lonely Bachelorette – at least for now.

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