Girl Crushable: Alicia Jo Rabins and Girls in Trouble

For all of my issues with religion, I’m grateful that I grew up with a Catholic school education, because the rich stories and characters became ingrained in my subconscious. Whether I actually believed passages from the Bible didn’t matter as much as the emotional attachment I had to these people — especially the women.

Girls in Trouble, an American folk/underground rock group comprised of husband and wife Alicia Jo Rabins and Aaron Hartman, enlivens these archetypal women through beautiful, multi-instrumental songs and haunting lyrics. I’m no music expert, but Girls in Trouble reminds me of singers like Joanna Newsom and Patty Griffin — whimsical melodies that have real weight to them.

While the group’s first, self-titled album has been described as “if the girls in the Bible started an indie rock band!”, their second release Half You Half Me has the women fighting back against unfair portrayals, both in the Bible and in its pop culture successors. Each song pertains to a different lady, and Rabins and Hartman jump right into things with the first track, “We Are Androgynous.” This song tells of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who refused to be subordinate to him — some say she wouldn’t let him lie on top of her during sex — and, depending on the version, either left Eden or was cast out. And yet, the lyrics speak to a different interpretation of the story:

Two flaming swords guard the garden of Eden, but I won’t go back there without you

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