• Thu, Jun 9 2011

10 TV Characters Who Disappeared Without Explanation

Sometimes kids on TV shows get aged five years in two weeks. And sometimes the kids go up to the attic and are never spoken of again. TV Tropes calls this “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome,” named for the Happy Days sibling who vanished, never to be heard from again.

Here are ten of TV’s most famous ‘disappeared’ characters.

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  • Kait

    Morgan from Boy Meets World didn’t disappear! She might have taken a hiatus, but I definitely remember her being around in later seasons.

  • Kait

    And as for Kaitlin Cooper, she went away to boarding school. What they didn’t address was how she aged so rapidly. She was a child in the first few episodes, then by season three or four (I forget which) she was a rebellious teen.

  • Molly Horan

    Different actress for Morgan, the first one was so much cuter!

  • Kristin

    Yes the little girl who originally played Morgan didn’t like acting or something and they changed the actress after a hiatus of like 2 years. They even referenced on the show how she was in her room for a long time when the character came back.

    BMW was famous for characters vanishing like Mr. Turner and Minkus but they both came back at the end and said they’d been on the other side of the school, which I found funny.

    I was just thinking and I am actually shocked Full House didn’t have any egregious missing characters. Maybe a couple women Danny dated but nothing that I remember tooo much.

  • criolle johnny

    Murphey Brown’s baby

  • Mellin

    They mention Hann a bunch of times after she left the show. She even had a little bit of resolution between Her and Torres. I would say Burke was a much better option for disappearing character.