Video: This Is Why You Don’t Text During the Movie

Who said movie theaters don’t have a great sense of humor? Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse theater has had a strict no-talking-during-the-movie policy that stretches back to 1997; with the advent of cell phones, they updated it to include no texting. One young woman kept texting even after she got two warnings, so she was booted out of the theater. She left the Drafthouse this expletive-filled voicemail claiming she had only been trying to find her seat and defending her American right to text in a movie theaternot that she was, but if she wanted to. They turned it into a PSA that they now run before every R-rated movie. (Warning: Language.)

New York’s theaters may not be as vindictive, but they do have a funny set of ads where they replace movie dialogue with people whispering as they make their way in after the movie’s started. You gotta give movie theaters props for going the comedy route to remind people of simple courtesies.

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