The 12 Stupidest ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Storylines Ever

Although the early days of Grey’s Anatomy were can’t-miss TV, the longer the show is on the air the more soapy and outrageous it gets. Among the more ridiculous plots: ghost sex, a Post-It marriage, and interns cutting each other open for fun.

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    • Cara

      at the risk of sounding like a grey’s anatomy super fan, i’m pretty sure burke left on the season 3 finale, not season 2.

      • Lilit Marcus

        At the risk of sounding like an ex-Grey’s superfan, you are correct.

    • Jarrod Cahill

      “When his wife died from a freak ailment, Thatcher got drunk, showed up at the hospital to un-invite Meredith from the funeral, and then slapped her. A real winner, this guy.” – That’s taken way out of context. I believe Thatcher slapped Meredith roughly about 12 seconds after she was the one to tell him his wife died in surgery. He was also sober at the time. He was in shock and blamed Meredith due to the fact she said his wife will be fine and that it was “just the hiccups”.

    • Jarrod Cahill

      “As proof of how terrible that storyline was, every one of those interns except Lexie is gone.” – Not true. You still see one of her fellow residents Steve Mostow and his wife Megan who is on maternity leave as she had a baby. You obviously only see more of Lexie as she is a MAIN character. As for Melissa George, she was intended to be a main character, but opted against it last minute.

    • Jarrod Cahill

      “Arizona didn’t want kids. So they broke up, and Callie slept with Mark only to wind up pregnant. She decided to keep the baby, and she and Arizona got married. ” – Yet again, taken out of context. Arizona left the country after dumping Callie at the airport and getting on a plane without her. Callie turned to her bestfriend for comfort (who she had slept with in season 3, 4 and 5) and she found out she was pregnant two episodes after Arizona returned who was not keen on the idea, so Callie gave her an option to be in her life or not. She decided she did want Callie in her life and married her.

    • Trew

      I’d put the Callie/Mark/Arizona “Big Love” baby story as the worst in Grey’s history. It’s not even “The Kids Are Alright” like. It was ill conceived, and consistently poorly written with Grand Canyon sized plot holes that made no sense whatsoever. Only Izzie having sex with Dead Denny as a way of discovering her brain tumor came close to the idiocy of a story line which would have people believing that a lesbian woman loves having a man as a third member of her relationship.

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    • Rachel

      Okay, all those storylines that you mentioned were actually crazy, i have to agree but apparently the post-it wedding is not one of them. It was far more perfect than the rest of them and more like it was the best..!!!