Danielle Staub Analyzes ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Season 3 Episode 4

Disclaimer: Danielle Staub did not actually write this post. But, as avid fans of the show, we figured we might have a little insight into her own take on the show. The views expressed here are not those of Crushable, but rather are simply an imagining of what Danielle might have to say.

It was fun to hear what Grandma Wrinkles had to say last week, but I missed Danielle Staub’s calculated ability to never mince words. On this week’s episode, the ladies celebrated Thanksgiving, with insane amounts of food, a mechanical bull, and lots of gossip. I have to say, I am Team Giudice so far this season. On this episode, we saw that Teresa introduced her brother at the housewarming party, I think that Joey Gorga is just looking for some spotlight, and he is pissed that he hasn’t gotten it until now. Teresa’s not in charge of editing, and it’s not her fault Bravo wasn’t interested in her brother and wife until this season. And Melissa’s card, wishing her luck in her “redone” home, was unbelievably passive-aggressive. But, that’s just my opinion. Let’s see what Beverly Ann Merrill Danielle Staub has to say.

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