Friday Comments Roundup: Patrick Schwarzenegger is Legal in Nevada

This should come as very good news for those of you who want to avoid being cradle robbers. In the meantime, though, here’s what you’ve all had to say this week:

steph: I really like the top but the bottom is BLECH. It TOTALLY looks like a comforter. I bet there were like 10 kids trying to hide under it at some point. (Questionable Choices: Candice Crawford’s Wedding Dress Looks Heavy)

Aussie: He’s quite legal in Nevada, folks. (Patrick Schwarzenegger… Revealed!)

curlysarah29: I’m gonna say ME. He should date me… (Who Should Mark-Paul Gosselaar Date Next?)

Ashley: I flipped out when the Office came on and I saw James Spader in the interview chair. I couldn’t explain to my husband, Josh, why I loved this aging actor so much ( and who he was for that matter) since James Spader obviously didn’t leave the same impression with him from the 80′s. I googles “James Spader” and immediately came up with your boyfriend of the week post. It was perfect. I second everything you said. Thank you. (Boyfriend of the Week: James Spader)

Kristen: Having suffered several miscarriages, my heart goes out to her and Josh. Both members in a couple like theres suffers this loss. I remember on the follow-up episode he was so excited she might possibly be pregnant. Tubal pregnancies are a very hard way to lose a baby as well because it can reduce fertility as you are now down a tube. My prayers are with them during such a difficult time. (Breaking: ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson Had a Miscarriage)

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