January Jones Wears More Clothing in ‘X-Men: First Class’ Than in Her Versace Ads

When the first preview images for X-Men: First Class were released, people slammed January Jones‘ character Emma Frost for wearing way too revealing outfits: Diamond-encrusted bras and thigh highs, rubber catsuits, poofy capes over lingerie… The character of Frost has long gotten flak for using her sexuality in the name of evil, with a debate raging over whether she was “made” to be a slut.

Some of that criticism has bled over into Jones’ portrayal of her in the ’60s-era prequel; one commenter pointed out that by trading Frost’s bustier for a bra, Jones lacks the villain’s sophistication and just looks slutty. But what we’ve come to realize, having seen the movie, is that she’s stripped all the way down for fashion ads — so even though she looks like a bad Bond girl in the movie, at least she’s covered up.


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