Snooki Gets Into a Car Accident In Florence, Adding to Season 4′s Insanity

Time to get your FREE SNOOKI shirts out of storage! Snooki was in a car accident in Florence, where Jersey Shore is filming its fourth season. She and Deena Cortese were in the car along with a member of the production staff when they rear-ended a police car. According to People, “No one was in serious condition, although a male and female police officer were taken to the emergency room of the local Careggi hospital to be treated for whiplash, bruises and cuts.” Snooki was driving, and she and Deena went to the local police station to fill out an accident report.

The accident is only the most recent in a string of incidents that make me think Jersey Shore‘s fourth season will either be spectacular or a spectacular mess. The Situation and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reportedly got in a fistfight last week, with Sitch being taken to the hospital. Sitch also reportedly racked up multiple tickets for driving in non-driving zones. The cast was already hated by Florentines before they even arrived in town, with the mayor placing severe restrictions on what the Jersey Shorers could do and where they could hang out. Why the hell they have the cast driving in Italy I will never understand (does this mean no more Pauly D singing the “Cabs are here!” song? Because I love that). I’m guessing they needed some more artificial drama this season, and so far the cars are providing that.

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    • Meghan Keane

      I’m actually that everyone in Italy isn’t constantly in the process of getting in an accident. People drive crazy over there.