Grandma Wrinkles Analyzes ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Season 3 Episode 3

While we are loving the always impartial Danielle Staub‘s take on Real Housewives of New Jersey season three, we thought we could take a break and try to see things from Dina Manzo‘s cat, Grandma Wrinkles‘, perspective. As Dina has previously said, Grandma Wrinkles is named after her grandmother, who smoked and tanned too much. We think Grandma Wrinkles has inherited Caroline Manzo‘s wise and all-knowing ways, and figured she could shed some light on this season. Take a look at her picks for this week’s episode highlights.

(Photos via Dlisted and Bravo)

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    • click click/mycat

      Where’s Grandma Wrinkles? I don’t see a pic of her?

    • Dave Lee


      Do you have any ” scelitans in you closet”
      from about 13 years ago… Is this why you left
      the show?? People are asking questions..
      snooping around about a certain man you
      were seeing when you were married. A North
      Jersey trucking firm owner?? You left you first
      husband for him and he broke off his engagement
      for you..