Leah Messer Talks About Her Divorce from Corey Simms, Says She’s Not Dating

Ever since Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms announced their divorce, there have been plenty of stories about Corey hooking up with other chicks like Amber Scaggs and Jordan Humble. However, there was just one report about Leah moving on – In Touch claimed that Leah was hooking up with Corey’s best friend, a guy named Tyler. (Because you know what the Teen Mom franchise needs? More people named Tyler.) Leah took to her Facebook page to clear up the rumor and reported that Tyler is actually dating one of Leah’s friends, a chick named Kayla. Leah’s best friend Amy LaDawn, who moderates Leah’s official Facebook fan page, refuted the rumor as well. Leah then wrote this message:

I just want to clear something up.. First off, I dont Agree with “TEAM COREY” && “TEAM LEAH” pages, I think their [sic] immature. I appreciate the support I really do and it means the world to me, but Theres is more than just Leah and Corey here.. There is Leah, Corey, ALIANNAH, and ALEEAH && this whole taking sides stuff my babies will see one day && I am their mother and its my job to protect them the best way I can.

Good for Leah for remaining mature and realizing that she and Corey need to stay committed to raising their kids, even if they’re not together. She added to her post later to specify that she and Corey are legally separated, but not yet divorced. (Some states require a separation period before proper divorce proceedings can begin.) Leah stressed that she and Corey are not getting back together, and that she’s not thinking about dating right now. Smart girl.

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