Video: Travel the Galaxy in this ‘Star Tours’ Ride-Through

In last weekend’s drinking game, we walked you through the old version of the classic Disney ride Star Tours in honor of the opening of the new-and-improved Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. This weekend, we can give you a peek at what the new ride actually looks like with a snazzy ride-through video!

The video starts in the queuing area, which is by far one of the most entertaining queuing sections I’ve ever seen. They’ve added some new stuff, including a galactic TSA baggage screening scene, which is worth a laugh. Also, if you look carefully through the droid animatronics that pepper the area, you can even spot Rex, the former pilot of the original ride, with a “defective” sign stuck to him. Even though the new ride allegedly takes place before the last one did in terms of timeline, discontinuity aside, it’s a nice touch. The footage of the ride itself is less a full ride-through and more a montage of clips from the possible paths the ride can take. I caught a glimpse of the Death Star, some Mos Espa pod racing, the forests of Endor, and a couple of AT-ATs on Hoth, among other things. It’s a neat little look at what a good redesign can do. Bonus: Keep your eyes peeled for an amusing Queen Amidala cameo.

[Via The Daily What Geek]

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