Crushable Quotable: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jo Rivera Explains Where His Rap Name Comes From

While his baby mama Kailyn Lowry is busy trying to sell Amway products, Teen Mom 2 dad Jo Rivera is pursuing another career path: rap. Jo has been freestyling for awhile and even made his own music video, and now he has an interview in XXL magazine talking about his ‘career.’ He raps as N.I.C.K. B., and he told XXL that the name stands for “Nerd In a Cool Kid’s Body.” He did not explain what the weird spacing was about, though. Here are a few more choice tidbits:

I got a lot of negative attention on the show. At the time, I didn’t realize I was going to get so much attention from the show. But, now I know how to handle myself in an interview and how to deal with it personally if someone speaks badly of me. I learned how to be more humble and take things more lightly. I know how to react, how to control myself, and I really changed as a person since all that has happened. Now I know you get bad criticism no matter what. … As far as my fanbase, yeah, the show has given me a bit of a fanbase. As far as connections go on MTV, no, I’ve gotten none of that. I’m working 100% independently.

Well, I guess we should thank MTV for not helping expose Jo’s music to a wider audience. Then again, just wait until they release a Teen Mom soundtrack. Mark my words, it’ll happen.

I mean, it’s been alright.  Once you become known, women come at you. Every man wants every girl in the world but you can’t do that. I’m not trying to do that. I’m not trying to meet girls online and have groupies. I don’t have time for women now. I’m just trying to get my goal accomplished.

Shades of Corey Simms and Amber Scaggs here. I don’t doubt for a second that girls hit these guys up on social media and try to date them. Why I don’t know, but I don’t doubt that it happens. Jo doesn’t mention his son in this interview, though – they didn’t ask, but I still wonder if that was intentional. That pot arrest doesn’t come up, either. Maybe it was Jo’s cool kid body that smoked the weed, not his nerdy inner self.

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