One of the Other Guys from 98 Degrees Has Been Working At Chippendale’s

98 Degrees was always the runner-up in the boyband wars: they never hit it as big as ‘N Sync or Backstreet Boys, even when they hilariously attempted to latch onto the Latin pop trend with that stupid “Una Noche” song. As for the alums, Nick Lachey has probably remained the most successful by divorcing Jessica Simpson and popping up in random TV cameos. Nick’s brother and bandmate Drew Lachey has also kept himself out there following a season 2 Dancing with the Stars victory (and, I’d argue, still one of the best freestyles the show has ever seen). But what about those other people?

Jeff Timmons, another 98 Degrees alum, has been working at Chippendale’s in Las Vegas as a dancer. Apparently, despite the lower name recognition, he has been a huge hit. He’ll be performing there through June 19, and the show’s producers reportedly want to keep him around through the end of the summer. Jeff makes a point of mentioning that he does appear shirtless in the show, but that’s it. “[The Chippendale regulars] don’t even strip … they’re like trained dancers,” he said in an interview. “The days of your grandma sticking dollar bills in a stripper’s G-string are over.”

And on that note, any mention of Chippendale’s means that I am contractually obligated to post this video:

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