’16 and Pregnant’ Star Danielle Cunningham Does Not Get How Circumcision Works

In her episode of 16 and Pregnant, we learned that teen mom Danielle Cunningham wasn’t the best student in the world – she described herself as being in grade “ten and a half,” but later in the episode a guidance counselor told her that she was technically a freshman and would need at least three more years of classes to graduate. She must have missed the anatomy class, though. A poster on Danielle’s formspring page asked her why she didn’t get her son, Jamie Jr., circumcised. Danielle’s response? “no he came out with it naturally done ya weirdo.”

Um, Danielle, that’s not quite how it works. It might be hard to tell on a baby, but a penis naturally has a foreskin on it. A doctor – or, if you’re one of the tribe, a mohel – can cut it off, and that procedure is called a circumcision. Here’s a Wikipedia page about foreskins if you have any more questions. As for the poster’s assertion that being uncircumcised is unsanitary, that’s a whole separate conversation. We can deal with one issue at a time here.

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    • Robert

      You are aware, aren’t you, that some people are born without a foreskin?