10 Vegan Celebrities for World Vegetarian Week

It’s World Vegetarian Week! Celebrate with some hummus and enjoy some celebrities that are not only meat-free but go without eggs and dairy too. Veganism seems to be treating them well.

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    • Pinberry Groupie

      Umm, I recently saw Olivia Wilde eating a frozen yogurt at the Pinkberry on Sunset (in Hollywood). I think froyo is dairy and not at all vegan, right? Maybe she was taking a break that day.

    • Daniela

      While it would be in keeping with PETA’s penchant for sexism in ad campaigns, I’m not entirely sure that Andre 3000 was actually named one of ‘PETA’s Sexist Vegetarian Celebrities.’

      I’m really, really hoping you were going for ‘sexiest’ there.

    • Gracie

      Veganism is is Vegetarianism. Vegans don’t have any animal by products often no leather either. Where as vegetarians just don’t have actual meat, poultry and fish, we still have eggs, cheese etc. I like this slideshow but there are already enough prejudices and misconceptions about vegetarianism without an unclear post like this.