Chris Crocker (Calmly) Tells Britney to Leave the Stage Alone

Four years after he posted a teary plea to “leave Britney alone,” YouTube celebrity Chris Crocker has turned on the performer who was responsible for his fame. What’s ironic is that his original video — where he writhed around on a bed, mascara tears streaming down his cheeks — went after the people who criticized Spears’ lifeless performance at the 2007 VMAs; his new video implores Spears herself to “leave the stage alone” after her duet with Rihanna at the Billboard music awards last weekend.

Crocker claims that he’s “keeping it real” when he says that Spears doesn’t want to be on the stage anymore, that it’s her managers who are forcing her to keep her pop career alive. “She doesn’t look happy onstage,” he observes. “That’s not me criticizing her as a person. That’s me criticizing her as a performer… When I defended her in 2007 I was defending the attacks on her as a mother and as a person. She looked suicidal in 2007 and she needed someone to stick up for her.”

It’s incredible how reasonable Crocker sounds when he’s not crying and screaming. It’s difficult to tell if his original video were orchestrated to jumpstart his Internet career, because it’s long enough ago that he could really have been a dedicated fan who was truly devastated by the haters going after Britney. Right about after then was the era where we came to suspect everyone of being famewhores.

Here’s how he sums it up: “I’m saying, from a person-to-person… that cares about her, I don’t want to see her on stage if she don’t want to be on stage.” Bravo to Crocker for continuing to stand up for Spears, but doing so in an evenhanded way that acknowledged that she’s no longer the icon that he adored in the third grade.

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