The 20 Most Horrifyingly Offensive Tucker Max Tweets

When I try to pinpoint the exact root of the rage I feel over  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell sex-n-misogyny memoirist Tucker Max‘s continued existence as a cultural force, several things come to mind. There’s the general women-hating and his ability to minimize an entire gender with his arsenal of blunt insults. But as much as any of those other things, I resent this conception that Tucker is, in fact, a funny writer — as opposed to someone who’s simply audacious. Because he totally isn’t funny, guys, he’s just “edgy” and offensive! With that said, here are Tucker’s 20 worst tweets, ranked in ascending order of horribleness:






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    • Cara

      What a class act.

    • lena

      I don’t know who’s more disgusting: Him with his pathetic comments, or the women who might actually be sleeping with him and give him new material for his so called comedy.

    • Megan

      I hope you realize Tucker thrives off of EXACTLY this type of “oh my god! he’s so terrible!” attention you are giving him.

    • Michael

      I heart you and our shared hatred for Tucker Max.

    • Jeff

      Not much of it was incredibly offensive to me, but he’s horribly unfunny. It’s sad that so many of my “friends” have recommended his book to me.

    • Kevin Seccia

      He is the unfunniest person alive.

    • Heather

      wow what a disgusting human being he has a twisted vision on life and women. uhh it just appalling!

    • Just Wonderin

      Stop giving him attention and he’ll probably just go away…….

    • Joe

      Tucker is a great writer, and he lives his life in a way that most men dream of. You all think he is disgusting but the truth is you all suck. You are a bunch of sad angry women with nothing better to do than complain about how big icky men bring you down. Just because the guys you wanted in high school didn’t want to fuck you doesn’t mean you need to be miserable now. As for the men who commented on here, what is wrong with you? Hey jeff, your “friends” probably wanted to make you less gay. Get over yourselves.