Crushable Quotable: Jordan Ward Speaks About Her Second Pregnancy

After tons of speculation about 16 and Pregnant‘s Jordan Ward being pregnant again, she has taken to her Facebook page to confirm the rumor. Her twin sister Jessica Ward had confirmed the news on her own Facebook page, but Jordan had remained silent until now (there are also rumors that Jordan asked Dr. Drew not to bring it up during the 16 and Pregnant reunion special). On her official Facebook fan page, she wrote:

I’ve read every comment on here. Yes I’m pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it’s wrong. I am married, we pay for everything , we aren’t living off of family or anything. We pay rent , we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in august. && here’s a kicker….. I AM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!

While I can’t believe one of the teen moms would be dumb enough to get pregnant again so soon after having a baby, I’ve said before – and will say again – that I’m so glad it’s Jordan and not one of the other girls from this season. Unlike Jennifer del Rio or Jamie McKay, Jordan and her husband Brian Finder don’t have drug problems or prison records, and they seem to have a stable relationship. Plus, Brian’s in the military, which means the family will have housing and benefits. It’s not an ideal situation, but she’s probably the most capable (with the possible exception of Cleondra Carter) of taking care of another kid. And considering that 814 people “liked” her Facebook post and 240 people people commented on it, it’s clear that girl has some fans out there. Teen Mom producers, are you listening?

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