What Does Scotty McCreery Have In Common with Clay Aiken?

Yes, they’re both from North Carolina. But these two Idol finalists have more in common than just twangs and good singing voices. Scotty McCreery‘s high school chorus teacher, Meredith Clayton, will be in the audience tonight as he sings his final songs. She runs the music program at Scotty’s high school in Garner, NC (the one that had a bit of a bear problem last week). But this isn’t Clayton’s first run-in with an Idol. She attended high school with Clay Aiken in nearby Raleigh. And, adding to the layers, Clayton’s mother, Diane Covington, was the chorus teacher at Leesville High School who taught Clay. [Full disclosure: Meredith and I were classmates at Leesville, although I am completely tone deaf and never took chorus.]

What is it about North Carolina that breeds Idols? Fantasia Barrino, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Anoop Desai all hail from the Tarheel state. Even if Scotty doesn’t win this week, he still counts himself among fine company.

Update: My mom reminded me that Bucky Covington is also from North Carolina. Sorry, Bucky! And Mom!

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    • Michelle

      They are BOTH cute as can be with absolutely glorious voices. Good goin’ Scotty and Clay!!

    • sweetea

      Scotty and Clay have only NC in common. Nothing else.

    • cherry

      There is only ONE Clay Aiken, and I only care about him.

      • sandy


    • Mary

      I completely agree with Michelle. Both have great voices and wow, what charisma and great stage presence.

    • Raindrop

      Both Clay & Scotty have great voices. They are both adorable. I wanted Clay to win & I want Scotty to win. But,even if Scotty doesn’t win, he will be successful like Clay. Clay is the Best!

    • Patricia

      I hope Scotty wins, but even if he doesn’t he will do great. Clay is my favorite and I will always attend at least one of his concerts when he tours…wish it could be more. You must see Clay live to really appreciate what a great entertainer he is.

      One thing I like about Scotty is that is seems so relaxed and a natural – he will go far…..

    • A Good Friend

      I love Clay’s music very much however, why is it that the people who are Clay’s fans STILL want to put down other people? I just don’t get it. There is ROOM for other singers other than Clay.

      There were other singers BEFORE Clay and there will be other singers AFTER Clay.

      If one does not like anyone else except Clay…why can’t you keep your negative words off of the internet.

      I wish Scotty, Lauren and ANYONE else who follows their dreams much success.

      Hey Clay Fans or anyone else who puts down others…please remember that thing called “Karma.”

      I am not saying anything bad about Clay but, right now, Clay’s career is not really going anyplace so therefore, Clay Fans please don’t put other people down.