Conspiracy Theory: Melissa Gorga and Danielle Staub Were In Cahoots

Remember last season at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion when Danielle Staub pointedly mentioned how “Teresa doesn’t acknowledge her nephew,” and Teresa Giudice went flying at her? Danielle knew that there was drama in Teresa’s family, and that Teresa didn’t want to discuss it on camera. And, because she’s Danielle, she wanted to press Teresa’s buttons so that someone else would look mentally unbalanced and take the heat off of her. But how did Danielle get the information about Teresa’s family? It’s possible that Franklin Lakes is just a small town where everyone is up in everyone else’s business. But according to some interesting rumors that have been floating around online, Danielle was personally handed that information by Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s estranged sister in law and mother of the supposedly unacknowledged nephew.

According to the rumors, Melissa was really bitter that Teresa was on the show and she wasn’t. She also felt like Teresa wasn’t “spreading the wealth” – aka, she wasn’t helping Melissa get camera time. To get back at her, Melissa (and possibly also Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile) fed info to Danielle to use against Teresa. As we know, at the end of season two all the remaining housewives (Teresa, Caroline Manzo, and Jacqueline Laurita) banded together and said they refused to keep working with Danielle. The show fired Danielle, but then they hired Melissa and Kathy to join the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Melissa’s master plan the whole time – take advantage of Teresa’s fame and use it to promote herself. And she’s already trying to stack the deck in her favor by getting camera time for her two sisters as well.

True or not, this is going to be a hell of a season. Take note, New York bitches: this is how you keep the series fresh.

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    • Natalie Zutter

      Remember when we thought the “unacknowledged nephew” was Joe Giudice’s love child? That was a great rumor.

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      Trust Teresa’s relatives to make her look like the sympathetic and even-tempered one on the show.

    • Arhwf

      This girl Melissa is complete & only trouble. She’s been envious of Teresa & her fame for years. She wants what she has. Then has to have only bigger & better.

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    • Christy

      I cannot stand Melissa. Caroline seems to think she is such a good investigator so why does she not intestigate all the contact between danielle and Melissa Gorga. I think she knows what she will find out. Melissa does not care at all about the Giudice kids and Joe feels the same way. If she cared one little bit, she would have honored Teresa’s request not to mention jail on TV. Teresa is not in denial. She is protecting her children from being hurt by hearing jail and their daddy in the same sentence. It doen’t matter that they know.
      Andy does not have the guts to bring up Melissa and Joe’s financial problems on the reunion. Andy also does not have the guts to add 2 of Caroline’s siblings that she is not talking to and their families to the cast. So sad that ii is more important to Melissa to destroy Teresa than to protect small children.
      She has no talent and hopefully she will fail at the recording contract she wants. Joe and Teresa’s parents do not like Melissa and that started way beofre the show. Pretty soon she will have Joe Gorga all to herself with no family at all.
      I would love Andy to bring Danielle to the reunion as a surprise guest. She and Jac are so forginving and all.