’16 and Pregnant’ Star Jordan Ward Is Reportedly Expecting Again

Jordan Ward was featured in the first episode of 16 and Pregnant this season, and I think she’s still my favorite of this season’s crop so far. Jordan and her boyfriend Brian Finder had a baby boy, Noah, and after the episode aired they got married and moved to San Diego, where Brian is stationed in the Air Force.

Now, news has broken that Jordan and Brian are expecting a second child, a girl. Noah will be a year old this July, and his little sister is due in November. Sources tell us that Dr. Drew Pinsky was asked not to ask Jordan about her pregnancy in the 16 and Pregnant reunion. Via Reality Tea:

After learning they were expecting a second baby, Brian decided to join the Air Force. He is said to have completed all his testing and will begin Basic Training in July. The air force will offer base housing and full medical insurance for everyone in their family. Jordan is said to be worried about the difficulty of not having Brian around but feels this is best for their family.

Jordan has yet to officially confirm the news on her facebook fanpage, but her twin sister Jessica Ward did post a confirmation on her Facebook page yesterday. “okay… so its out, and im super excited!:],” wrote Jessica later adding, “im so happy for them! i know its a shocker to hear me say this, but im so glad jordan found a guy like brian, he is a wonderful father and husband!!!”

It’s great to hear that Jessica and Brian are getting along, since a lot of the storyline in Jordan’s episode was about how her boyfriend and sister didn’t like each other. Of all the girls who have been on 16 and Pregnant, if someone had to have a second kid I’m glad it’s Jordan (who seems responsible and has a reliable partner who is stepping up to care for his family) and not, like, Danielle Cunningham or Jamie McKay.

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    • ashton jennings

      i love 16 and pregnant.Because i love babys and shows bout babys

    • Cara

      OY VEY! You’d think they would’ve learned their lesson the first time…