Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t: ‘You Shouldn’t Have Done That’

Well, Gentle Readers, now that Slender Man has had ample opportunity to invade your dreams, I think it’s time to set him aside for a while. Ready for a new tale? I thought so. Here’s one for the gamers– a cautionary tale, if you will. It goes by the name of:

On September 7, 2010, an unusual thread appeared on 4chan. The thread’s creator, a 4chan user known as Jadusable, detailed some terrifying events that occurred shortly after he acquired a used copy of the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I know, I know: A haunted video game cartridge? Really? But stick with me here.

The first time Jadusable booted up the game, there was already a saved game in one of the two available slots. It was titled “BEN.” Naturally, Jadusable ignored it and simply started a new game in the empty slot, naming it “LINK.” Oddly, though, the non-player characters in the game took to referring to Jadusable as BEN. Figuring it must be a glitch, he exited the game, rebooted it, deleted the file called BEN, and carried on. This time, the characters didn’t call him BEN. They didn’t call him anything at all– there was simply a gaping blank spot where LINK should have been. Again, Jadusable figured it must be a glitch– it was a used cartridge of an old game, after all– and carried on again. [tagbox tag="Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren't"]

This was probably a mistake.

The more Jadusable continued the playing, the weirder the game got– and I know Majora’s Mask was a pretty weird game in and of itself, but this was just disturbing. Ever thought you’d see Link spontaneously combust? Yeah, me neither. And that saved game that Jadusable deleted? It came back. Eventually, Jadusable made a gameplay video to document the strange occurrences, and when it all got to be too much for him, he wrote up what had just happened on 4chan and posted the video to YouTube:

But it didn’t stop there. The next night, a continuation appeared, again on 4chan, accompanied by a second video:

Each time Jadusable played, saved games he certainly hadn’t created appeared on the game’s title screen. He eventually figured out that Ben had been the previous owner of the game and that he had drowned in a terrible accident. The third video that Jadusable posted, though, was the eeriest yet, and it is from this one that this tale draws its name:

Shortly after the release of this video, Jadusable left school, not unlike Alex Kralie. Jadusable did, however, leave a fourth video with a former dormmate, giving him specific instructions concerning when and how to release it:

And, well… you can see where this is going. But once again… it ain’t real, folks.

This one may be easier to disbelieve, which I think is mostly due to the Zelda aspect of the whole thing; but even so, the care taken with its construction and the detail involved makes it just believable enough to cause some serious discomfort, especially to those of us who have childhood memories of the game. There it is again: The familiar made strange, just as with Slender Man. But hey, guess what? It turns out that this whole story was merely the first arc of a multi-part ARG. Furthermore, though Jadusable ultimately decided to pull the plug during the second arc due to lack of funds , players of the ARG rallied and raised the money necessary for it to continue. The third arc began in February, and a trailer for the fourth is set to debut on May 10. Want in on the action? Get the full story here, and stay tuned here. Oh, and if you’re wondering how Jadusable managed to create his videos with such old technology, check out this nifty Debunked: Haunted Majora’s Mask video.

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    • Christina

      Having never played Zelda, I can’t realy get scared about this since I don’t know which parts are actually part of the game and which are supposed to be odd. But the Slender Man had me in panic for days.