Latarsha Rose and Brooke Bundy Cast as Stylists Portia and Octavia in ‘The Hunger Games’ — But “Cinna Watch” Continues

If you’ve been following the Hunger Games casting decisions on Twitter, chances are you’ve caught the #CinnaWatch2011 hashtag. A pivotal character, Katniss’ main stylist Cinna follows the maxim that “Clothes make the (wo)man”: The outfits he dreams up help Katniss appear sympathetic or powerful depending on who she needs to impress. But so far, no one has been announced to play the role in Lionsgate’s movie, not even some frontrunners. Check out our gallery of who could play Cinna, plus find out more about Brooke Bundy and Latarsha Rose, who have been cast as other Capitol stylists who transform Katniss and Peeta.

Rose has had bit roles on shows like Bones, All My Children, and CSI: Miami. Portia is Peeta’s stylist, but she works alongside Cinna to conceptualize the tributes’ matching outfits. It is this duo that comes up with the fire imagery that so captivates the Capitol audience. Interestingly, Portia is never described in detail, even though the other stylists all have crazy hair, skin, and accessories.

By contrast, Octavia is described as having dyed her skin a pea-green color, and if I remember correctly, she’s got a bevy of intricate hairstyles. She’ll be played by Bundy, who is also a relative unknown. She actually went to NYU with my former coworker Anna Breslaw, who writes a glowing profile here.

But now that most of the District 12 tributes’ prep team has been announced, we need our Cinna! Here are a few possible actors who could fill the stylist’s fashionable shoes:

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