Crushable’s ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 9 Predictions

In April, an OTH fan posted possible spoilers to the CW message boards, claiming that Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) wasn’t planning to return for season 9, and that Schwahn had already written out Haley’s death. According to the tipster, Haley will perish in a car crash in the first episode of the ninth season:

The Haley cliffhanger will air in the very beginning of 9×01, the season nine premier this fall. What I was told, they already filmed Bethany Joy filming the big cliffhanger which involves Haley getting into a really bad car accident on a soundstage during the final weeks of season eight filming. They now only need to film an insert exterior shot of a car crashing into a tree which doesn’t require BJG to film, it is how Mark and his writers have it scripted. Season 9 this fall will be starting off with a bang, an emotional and heart wrenching storyline that will effect majority of the characters on the show.

I’m tempted to call bullshit since Haley already had a life-threatening encounter with a car in a season 4 sweeps episode, and there was that time that Nathan trashed his uncle’s racecar. Oh, and Nathan almost drowned while diving into the river to save his uncle and Rachel when their limo crashed into the water. You would think that the Scotts would have only the safest of cars from now on. Plus, they’ve been through so much; to kill off one-half of this mostly-functional couple would be just too cruel for the fans.

Then again, this could be the thing to bring back Chad Michael Murray.

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    • SannyD

      im just waiting for this to end. like a bad exboyfriend that keeps coming back like a bad rash. just end it already!
      i watch just to watch now but i ff through everything.

    • chanty

      so dont watch it nobody forced you too i love it and think it needs a fina season with return of chad and hilary!

    • shalana

      OK! Well True OTH fans would want the total opposite of these idiots…. The season does not need to end it gets better and better w/ every episode, but if thats what it has to comes down to then end it on a good note and keep all the main characters and bring back the old ones that have left for whatever reason. (Lucas and Payton) This is the best series that The CW and WBTV have produced and i know everyone agrees. One Tree Hill will truley be missed if season 9 is the last.

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