Victoria Beckham’s Fourth Child Will Be the Most Patriotic of All

Victoria Beckham‘s fourth child will differ from its three older brothers in many ways: It’s a girl, and she’s the first of her and David Beckham‘s children to be born in the United States. The Sun reports that Posh has already scheduled a C-section in Los Angeles, and get this — she plans to give birth on July 4.

“Vic and David love America, its culture and her people, who have welcomed them with open arms,” an insider told The Sun. “The most important thing is the health of mother and baby and things can always change last minute. But if it’s possible for the baby to be born on Independence Day, Vic and David will be thrilled.”

The source also said that the top name on the Beckhams’ list is currently Atlanta because, as was the case with older brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, the name is “relevant to their lives during the conception.”

So, named for what we can only guess is Atlanta, Georgia; born on Independence Day, a.k.a. the anniversary of when America forced out Posh and Becks’ ancestors; and born in Hollywood. Yep, this kid is set up for quite the identity crisis.

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