’16 and Pregnant’ Star Josh Drummonds Gets Arrested AGAIN

Josh Drummonds, who 16 and Pregnant fans will remember as the clueless, borderline-sociopathic dad of Nikkole Paulun‘s son Lyle, has been arrested again. Josh was arrested in 2009 for larceny and was still on probation when he got arrested in his hometown in Michigan. This time, Josh reportedly stole several checks from his mom’s checkbook and tried to write them out to himself. He’s now being charged with larceny and fraud. Here’s the most amusing part: though the amount of money Josh stole from his mom totaled about $270, his bond has been set at $20K. He faces up to 14 years in prison for each of the five forgery counts (plus another four for the larceny charge), so if he gets the maximum sentence he’ll be in prison for the next 74 years. I guess Lyle’s only memories of his father will be of visiting Daddy in prison and talking through those orange phones.

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