Poll: Which Bond Movie Should I Watch?

In my Virgin Viewing feature, I watch classic movies that I somehow never got around to seeing. Past entries have included a pretty wide selection of genres, from Disney (Mary Poppins) to horror (The Exorcist) to action-adventure (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Next up: a Bond movie. I’m going to let you guys decide which one I should see, since I currently don’t have a horse in the “Best Bond ever” race.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Anne

      It’s not on your list, but Goldfinger is my personal favorite. It’s so over-the-top sexist that I just laugh the whole way through.

    • Stephanie

      My mother is an insane Bond fan. Unfortunately. I’ve seen all of the movies on this poll, except for the Daniel Craig one.

      I’d call ‘Goldeneye’ one of the least annoying if I had to watch one again. ‘Dr. No’ will bore you to tears. My vote would’ve been for the mind-numbingly bad ‘Goldfinger’ though, just to see your review.

    • Meghan

      I LOVE You Only Live Twice, but it’s not up here!

    • lajonez

      I vote for Casino Royal, is one of the best movies with Daniel Craig so is worth to see it :)