Friday Comments Roundup: I’m Naming My Child Epcot

Just to be clear, I’m not pregnant, nor do I have any intention of becoming so anytime in the near future. However, Crushable reader Kristen, if and when I do, I am naming my child Epcot. Because that is HILARIOUS. Anyway, here’s what all you fabulous Crushable readers had to say this week!

canonizer: She lost 5lbs of chin fat?!? (Crushable Quotable: Bristol Palin Swears She Didn’t Have Plastic Surgery)

steph: Aw, nothing about when Steve Urkel visited the Tanners on Full House? For shame. It was actually the worst episode ever, but still, it happened. (7 Notable TV Crossovers)

Shae: Do you think the Queen would get her hit-men to take them out if they said yes? (Pippa and James Middleton Offered Millions for Porn Cameos)

I’d say a HUGE do is to stay no longer than planned, and ALWAYS give firm arrival and departure dates. It makes me crazy when my husband says “oh Jeff’s coming to town next week, either Monday or Tuesday.” and I ask for how long and he says “I don’t know, he didnt’ say.” Yes my husband is an idiot for not asking, but as a guest you shouldn’t leave it a mystery.

My sister is actually terrible about this too, she’ll visit my parents at Christmas and by January 2nd my parents ask “sooo… when do you have to be back to work?” She is 35.
(Space Relations: Guest Etiquette, Or How to Have (or Be) a Proper Houseguest)

Kristen: Joey Lawrence’s other daughter is Liberty so Magic Kingdom or Epcot, not out of the realm of possibility. Bono has a daughter named Memphis Eve…but I have a feeling Bono is just untouchable enough to avoid these kind of lists. (Questionable Choices: Celebrities Naming Their Kids After Places)

Cara: Girlfriend needs to learn how to apply mascara correctly. (Meet Amber Scaggs, Corey Simms’ Reported New Girlfriend)

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