Am I Right Ladies? Remembering the Shampoorgasm

John Stamos isn’t the only thing seriously lacking from our television airwaves. RIP Jake in Progress, amirightladies? Uncle Jesse Katsopolis aside, what I really miss is the old herbal essences commercials (not to mention my dress size from back then). I’m talking about those commercials where women get off from shampoo. If only it were that easy, amirightfellas?

But seriously, for once a company took a moment to think about what women really wanted from a beauty product. The answer was simple. They realized women wanted a shampoo that included three sexy hunkosauruses willing to do all the “scrubbing.” Women wanted to “herbal” in the shower, for another half-an-hour. Heck, just this morning I herballed in my shower for another another half-an-hour.

I urge you to say “yes, Yes, YES!” to looking back on some of the classic commercials from the Herbal Essences glory days. I promise it will be a simply “organic” experience.

Always keep your man guessing, amirightladies? Especially if your man is the yummy Buster from Arrested Development. This may have been one of the first spots to introduce the idea of unthinkable pleasure possible through Herbal Essences, but to this day I still scream every time I wash my hair.

Woman achieving orgasm over an airplane intercom is the thinking woman’s “I’ll Have What She’s Having.”

Those high-waisted khakis, amirightladies? Now I like my sales messaging like I like my custard: thick and eggy. But setting this scene in the produce aisle laid it on a little too thick even for me. We get it, we don’t have to use cucumbers for that anymore. Oh hey, Dr. Ruth.

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