Meet Amber Scaggs, Corey Simms’ Reported New Girlfriend

When I heard the news that Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer and Corey Simms were breaking up, I stopped believing in love. And the news just keeps getting worse: Corey has reportedly been hooking up with ‘fans’ who approach him online. First, Corey allegedly hooked up with Jordan Humble after she messaged him on Facebook. Now, Starcasm has gotten their hands on some photos of Corey looking really cozy with a woman named Amber Scaggs, who lives in Texas, met Corey on the internet, and flew out to West Virginia to spend time with Corey. Clearly, Corey has a type, because Amber is also a young mom: “She had a little baby girl late last year but had to break things off with her fiance just prior to the birth because the two had a pretty tumultuous relationship. Sound familiar?”

Well, I guess if we’re taking sides then I am pretty firmly Team Leah now. Not only has Corey moved on waaaay too quickly for someone who got married and divorced in just a few months’ time, he’s dating someone named Amber – and we all know how that works out when it comes to this franchise.

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    • Cara

      Girlfriend needs to learn how to apply mascara correctly.

      • sarah

        this is definitly not the truth.

      • Cara

        Sarah, you believe that eye lashes should look like clumpy spider legs?

      • Casey

        Shut up Amber is beautiful! (:

    • Mariah

      this shit is definitely not true. Amber is one of my best friends and Amber and Cory are not dating and she didn’t fly in to WV just to see him. Her and her ex didn’t break up before her daughter was born. Her and Cory are friends and hung out. BFD.

    • horse

      I don’t believe this ether because Corey and Leah really got along and in magazines it says Corey hit Leah tis is all lies..

    • conroenative

      If this was not true then how would there be pictures of her and Corey all over the internet? I know amber and this isn’t her first run in with a guy that was “taken” I remember in high school amber slept with a guy who had been dating the same girl for over a year and ultimately caused their break up! Not to mention all the times you ran around on your baby daddy while he tried to do right by you! To me, all amber is looking for is somebody else’s man! How low can you be! It’s sad when you’re known around Montgomery County as a slut, but to be known that way nation wide is absolutely PATHETIC!!! Amber Marie Scaggs, you are trash! you always have been, always will be!

    • amber hater

      Amber is Nothing but a slut always has been always will be. She is a horrible mother and a user!

      • Casey

        Shut amber is not like that, she is a good person and how do you even know honey dear! i know amber and is def. NOT a horriable mother! GET A LIFE AND LEAVE AMBER ALONE!

    • Kam

      Y’all are all retarded. I’ve known amber for a good while now and she use to live in wv. Therefor having family!!!

    • Tiffany

      She’s a pretty girl… but she definitely needs to learn how to apply mascara correctly :-/ Leah’s way prettier though!!

    • Corissia

      What is with all this high school cat-fighting talk?

      Her mascara is clumpy, noticing this does not mean anyone’s saying she’s ugly.

      Secondly this is not the place to call anyone a “slut”. If you don’t like her, fine, but really you need to get to a place mentally where you get how childish you look for acting this way.